Mc Asorock – Chom remix (lyrics)


Talented stand up comedian from
the south east who’s one of the
best comedian in imo state
university goes more creative as he
drops his own lyrics to xbusta’s hit
track Chom which has gained
ground in the south east. MC
ASOROCK who said the song will
drop soon. So guys anticipate
CHOM by mc Asorock. See lyrics

HOOK: me nd my hommies de shell oh promise say we no go stop ooh(X2)

Me nd my homies de ball ooh na we de shells de follow

CHORUS: we de shell even on a sunny day(CHOM)

Shelly shelly pikin iga’to n’ije shell(CHOM)

Sweet shell ihea dika Imsu shell

Shell into de room my guys re na ralite(she she CHOM)(3times)

VERSE 1: my daddy tell me say boy u be sheller

And if I shell 2 much I go born shell

Military babes hana hala shell sir

Nne ika na amu amu ichoro iwu porn star

The fruit of my labour na 2 shell ooh

To measure my blocos u no need tape oh

De boy de shell 2much like ape oh

Dis shellers be like Doris de go be my scapegoat

And I no de fear 2 face shell

No CD or shellmate na shelling we de shell there

Boy shun I dey shell man

De babes jux de cum like say I dey shell die

And am chilling where my shells de

If I #shell there oboy no be play

Above oda shellers na wer dem de place me

If I no shell u use 10 oda shellers replace me(P ice, Sean Paul, Yellowmouth, Ebgeigwe,chuks,worthy, Ochinawata, Ice candy, prince, jonky, Jaywise)


VERSE2: me n my homies de shell oh

Before we shell we go wash dem

De shelling hia no be careless na de reason why in no de shame us

Right nw we shelling 2much even 2shotz no fit reach us

De blokus is getting fat nw odika PVC pipe Eh

We de shell even on a sunny day

Even MOP know say dis one na shellingday

I keep it sheelly sort of lik de shelling crew

I bring de shells home 4 my kongi friends

Shell 4 fm na mc Ominimini de shell dem, best sheller in d galaxy nw ur shelling babe wanna shell me

Yeso, no be say am de best oh, shellers still dey oh, if de shell u na u go shout oh

We dey look 4 nations 2 lend oh, cos we don shell wan die oh, like say we jux de select shells, shell smart bad mouth yes oh

Neverthless, I dey clever shell, nd am never de last so I never reshell , if u re a sheller my homies re de shellest, w’ll be shelling de best, w’ill be shelling de best. Yeah



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